Our Brands

Exxentric continues to provide strength training devices in over 65 countries worldwide. Today, we are witnessing flywheel training being applied in a wide variety of environments such as, professional sports, rehabilitation, and health & fitness.

The Legend Fitness standard is the reason everyone from high school strength coaches to multi-million dollar sports complex managers choose to outfit their centers with their equipment. Around the US and abroad, Legend Fitness has been chosen enough times to make them one of the fastest growing strength companies in the world.

Marpo Rope Trainers are all about delivering an intense and effective workout without compromising safety. Whether the goal is to build strength, endurance or cardiovascular conditioning, Marpo Rope Trainers are functional training powerhouses.

Precor’s range of cardio equipment delivers the proven, reliable performance that you expect from Precor with the choice of 3 ranges to suit your facility. Mix and match cardio and console portfolio that has been carefully designed and manufactured to meet the bespoke needs of your facility.

ZIVA is a high performance sports and wellness company rooted in the Taoist philosophy of energy and balance. Standout, inspirational design and precision- made, high quality manufacturing has been at the heart of ZIVA from the beginning.