Body Assessment

Analysing body compositions that measure the components of health-related physical fitness. We provides the most accurate measurement system
for body composition.


Cardio equipment improves user’s overall endurance fitness. With a variety of workouts available, cardio workout improves user’s overall health and mental well-being.


Flooring protects user’s floor and equipment, dampens noise and provides grip. Gym floorings are made of different materials, commonly high-density rubber or foam that can be clean easily. 


Functional equipment helps simulate user’s movements they would perform in work, sport & life. The equipment usually allows dynamic exercises wherein your body is free to move in all directions.  


Defined as “a set on interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in inidividuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment.”


Strength training equipment allows users to enhance strength and conditioning effects with fixed or adjustable amounts of resistance to get stronger and build muscle endurance. 

Wellness Environment

Create a clean, safe and healthy environment for users to workout