The kBox is a series of premium devices for flywheel training, based on sound scientific support. The latest generation of the kBox comes in three different models, namely the kBox4 Active, kBox4 Lite and kBox4 Pro.

kBox4 Active

Kickstart your Flywheel Training with our entry-level model. The perfect device for strength training, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and training in general. Available with our free Flywheel Training app to design all your kBox workouts.

kBox4 Lite

Broader range of resistance provided by the lightest kBox model, practical to pack and bring with you on the move. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

kBox4 Pro

The premium and best-selling kBox model with the largest performance area. Made for intense workouts and serious strength-building exercises. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.


Introduced in 2018, the kPulley has been in use by performance coaches, physiotherapists and personal trainers worldwide for a wide range of flywheel training applications.

With the kPulley, you work against the variable inertia of steel flywheels, instead of being limited by the direction of gravity when lifting weights. The kPulley is renowned for its genial application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support.


The kPulley2 is the second generation flywheel training solution enabling users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb exercises. It also comes with a built-in kMeter II feedback system for realtime results and a progress overview in the long run. The standard inertia capacity of the kPulley2 goes up to 0.140 kgm² or two Extra Large Flywheels.

kPulley Go

Kickstart or enhance your Flywheel Training setup with one of our entry-level models. Its compact size and design provides you with freedom in your training, while also maintaining a great capacity for loading & variable resistance. The kPulley Go offers great value due to its versatility, adaptability and minimal size. It can be great for home users, gym studios, group classes, amateur athletes, and more, allowing users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb movements.


The SingleExx product line is based on the latest flywheel training technology, made popular by the kBox4 and kPulley , which, among other benefits, makes the flywheels interchangeable across multiple devices.


The LegExx aims to isolate and strengthen the quadriceps muscles safely and efficiently through a flywheel training approach.

The LegExx System comes with everything you need to successfully incorporate flywheel training and its multitude of benefits in your quest to strengthen the quadriceps femoris muscles.


The LegFlexx accommodates knee flexion in a seated position, optimal for hypertrophy in the hamstring muscles.

The LegFlexx is a one of a kind leg curl machine based on scientifically proven principles, packaged with one flywheel for resistance as well as a feedback module for monitoring progress in real-time and over the long term. The system accommodates training for hamstring strengthening, hypertrophy and rehabilitation.

Accessories & Storage

Exxentric’s line of equipment for flywheel training includes a complete range of custom-made accessories.


The Exxentric Flywheels are an indispensable part of the kBox4, kPulley and SingleExx series of flywheel training devices. They are made from laser cut, balanced and powder coated carbon steel.

The number and size of the flywheels used determine the inertia of the flywheel training experience. The color coded option makes it easier to distinguish between the inertia levels of each flywheel.

The kBoxkPulley and LegExx can be equipped with two or four flywheels simultaneously depending on the device model. Additionally the Advanced Flywheel Knob can help to boost that capacity by two flywheels of a compatible size.


The Exxentric kGrips are essential to unlocking the versatility of any flywheel device suitable for both upper and lower body training. They are comfortable, versatile, light and aesthetic.


The Exxentric kBar is available in several variations with a comfortable, versatile and durable build intended for handling loads of up to about 200 kg/440 lbs/1960 N or 400 kg/880 lbs/3920 N.

Hip Belt

The Exxentric Hip Belt is great for lower body exercises, especially in groups due to its adjustable size. Its lightweight but strong design is perfect for flywheel training.

Ankle Cuffs

The Exxentric Ankle Cuff is the key to broadening your flywheel training experience with isolated lower body exercises. It is comfortable, versatile, durable and light.


The Exxentric Harness is vital to anyone looking to get the most out of their platform-based flywheel device. It enables you to unleash all your strength while training on the kBox, and it’s a more advanced alternative to the Hip Belt attachment.

Head Harness

The Exxentric Head Harness is an essential accessory for anyone looking to maintain and strengthen their neck muscles

Single-Turn Buckle

This is an essential piece for anyone looking to get the most out of their flywheel training at a low inertia level.

Advanced Flywheel Knob

With one simple piece you can enhance the inertia capacity of your flywheel training device by either 0.100 kgm² or 0.140 kgm² (i.e. by up to 2 compatible flywheels), which expands the inertia range up to 0.420 kgm² on the kBox4 Pro & LegExx, 0.300 kgm² on the kBox4 Lite, 0.280 kgm² on the kPulley2 and up to 0.200 kgm² on the kBox4 Active.

Rotational Sling

The Rotational Sling by Exxentric was designed to complement the kPulley when it comes to developing core strength and power. It is known for being comfortable, durable, strong and aesthetic.

Decline Board

This kBox4 accessory is particularly helpful for anybody recovering from a knee, calf or heel injury. More specifically it can facilitate your recuperation from patellar tendonitis, which is commonly known as Jumper’s Knee.

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