AirBike Classic

Having forged the oath to bringing the air bike into the Elite Fitness space, the original Assault AirBike Classic is best known for creating love-hate relationships with those that have been bold enough to give it a try.

As with all Assault Fitness products, the AirBike Classic is forged from the highest quality, most durable materials. This old favorite will leave you burning for days.

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AirBike Elite

The AirBike Elite is designed for strength, durability and hardcore use. You will find yourself coming back day after day for more burn. In fact, this bike doesn’t just bring on the burn – it brings on the inferno. 

The AirBike Elite is created with interval training and hard-core use in mind. Engineered with an upgraded design, the Elite intensifies resistance when speed is increase, and also provides the option for upper and lower body isolation.

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AirBike Pro

The same bike you love to hate, now with upgraded features. The AssaultBike Pro is the ultimate tool for those looking for a more custom and powerful training experience. This new generation of AssaultBike combines the original design of the Classic with the top features of the Elite to create a hybrid bike that’s durable, low maintenance and built for hardcore use.

The AssaultBike Pro’s heavy-duty steel frame provides the support and balance needed to handle any kind of workout. With reinforced steel pedals, sealed-cartridge bearings in every pivot, and a sealed bottom bracket that protects against sweat, dust, dirt and debris, the AssaultBike Pro is engineered for the smoothest ride possible.

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This machine was designed by professional athletes and trainers who tested the world’s best fitness equipment in order to create one, power-house rower that stands above the pack. The AssaultRower’s solid steel frame construction and innovative design combined with its commercial grade durability makes it the best- in-class rower on the market.

Created specifically for commercial gym usage, each and every component of the AssaultRower is built for longevity. Its powerful, dual stage chain and belt drive, commercial seat, steel foot plates and aluminum beam set the Rower apart from the rest of the competition. Why? Because they mean maximum durability and offer a smooth, low maintenance rowing experience.

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The name says it all: Like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch. This treadmill is like none you ever known, burning more calories than the average motorized version and built with intense training in mind.

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AirRunner Elite

Introducing the most powerful and personalized manual treadmill ever created. The brand new AssaultRunner Elite is expertly crafted to meet the specific needs of professional athletes, home gym users, and commercial owners alike.

The AssaultRunner Elite provides the most high-quality and comfortable running experience ever offered from a non-motorized treadmill. Built for both power and speed, the AssaultRunner Elite is 100% user-powered, making it the perfect training tool for athletes of all skill-levels.

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AirRunner Pro

Say goodbye to repetitive and boring treadmill workouts. The AssaultRunner Pro is a new breed of running machine that is completely athlete-powered, meaning you’re in control of your stride, speed and output. Are you ready to take your training back into your own hands?

The AssaultRunner Pro is specifically designed to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. While other motorized treads make it easy to “zone out,” the AssaultRunner Pro constantly demands your full attention and requires nothing less than 100% effort. It’s also equipped with built-in training programs to help track your progress and keep your workouts fresh.

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