Our Brands

Clinicians working with rehabilitation must have a comprehensive tool box to serve patients with a wide range of physical conditions, pain and performance levels, mobility and so on. Thus, Flywheel training on the Exxentric kBox is a versatile and effective solution to treat clients’ varied requirements.

At the core of every FDF machine is their patented Twin Tank adjustable Fluid Resistance. Each machine offers a range of resistance from feather light to Olympic intensity, while remaining silky smooth at any speed. FDF designed and manufactured both horizontal and vertical formats, all with a large range of Fluid Resistance

Marpo Rope Trainers are all about delivering an intense and effective workout without compromising safety. Whether the goal is to build strength, endurance or cardiovascular conditioning, Marpo Rope Trainers are functional training powerhouses.

Monark Medical’s unique calibration method provides incomparable control and accuracy, and makes it easy for clinicians to apply the prescribed workload in rehabilitation programs and stress tests, and to make accurate readings.

A complete series of 8 functional training equipment, with the patented integrated hardware and software combination, were designed to relief syndrome, improve functional capacity, quality of motion and cognitive level.