Our Brands

The CrossCore® story begins where traditional suspension-oriented training ends – by adding a new dimension of rotational movement. CrossCore gives user everything that traditional suspension-oriented training offers.

Hyperwear constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible by designing, manufacturing and providing unconventional training tools to those who push the limits of fitness. Designing premium products for everyday athletes.

Queenax is a highly versatile and space-efficient modular solution for your training facility and small group training environment. Queenax allows operators to make the most out of their valuable floor space, and offers endless training options.

Reaxing, the 1st company in the world to develop a training methodology and a product range of exploiting the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology.  Reaxing teach us to be more reactive, confident and able to manage future challenges.

Terra-Core is a culmination of everything we know about training and strengthening the human body. It moves you from a hard surface to a soft dynamic surface, taking your workouts and results to levels you never thought possible. 

The YBell has been carefully designed by experts in the fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible. YBell weights allow you to do kettlebell, double-grip med ball, and push-up stand exercises all with a single piece of equipment. 

ZIVA is a high performance sports and wellness company rooted in the Taoist philosophy of energy and balance. Standout, inspirational design and precision- made, high quality manufacturing has been at the heart of ZIVA from the beginning.