2021 Top 10 Fitness Trends

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing temporarily closures of fitness facilities worldwide in 2020, fitness clubs, trainers and fitness enthusiasts had to pivot their regular fitness experiences to take on virtual fitness and wellness experiences.

With American College of Sport’s Medicine’s annual global survey for 2021, we have an insight into the fitness categories that will be necessary to focus on throughout the year

Make sure your fitness facility is prepared to accommodate the changing times with this list. Together, let’s make 2021 a safe, healthy and invigorating year

Online live and on-demand workout classes

No.1 Online Training

Created for home workout, online training has been growing significantly over the past year and no signs of it slowing down. Online training can be accessed through live-streams or recordings and can be done at exercisers’ convenience. Many fitness facilities and trainers have offered online training within their services, as it keeps exercisers and clients engaged and connected.

fitness apps on phone and fitness smart watches

No.2 Wearable Technology

Always in the top 3 since it was first listed in 2016, wearable technology includes smart watches, fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors and GPS tracking devices. With an estimate to be around a USD100 billion industry, wearable technologies are use to track workouts, heart rates, measure oxygen levels, monitor sleep and myriad of other options.

Lady exercsing, planking

No.3 Bodyweight Training

COVID-19 pandemic has caused exercisers to review their normal workout routines and focus on exercising with limited space and equipment. By combining a variable resistance body weight training and neuromotor movements using multiple planes of movement, body weight is used as the training modality for this training program.

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No.4 Outdoor Activities

Due to the temporarily closure of clubs, people are seeking opportunities to explore outside and enjoy the fresh air, while maintaining a safe distance from others. The pandemic has probably led to the increase in outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, biking.

Reaxing Training Methods


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been the top 5 fitness trends since 2014. HIIT includes strength training, cardio training or a combination of both. HIIT programs involves bursts of high-intensity exercise, followed by short periods of recovery, thus allowing exercisers to complete efficient workouts in 30 minutes or less.

Family exercising together

No.6 Virtual Training

Virtual training is group training workouts that are displayed on large screens in fitness facilities. This method of training tends to attract fewer exercisers than live stream workout classes, but it allows exercises from a variety of fitness backgrounds to participate in the workout at their own pace.

Senior Citizens working out

No.7 Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine (EIM) is a global initiative to encourage doctors and healthcare workers to assess every patients’ physical activity levels and refer them to evident based exercise programs and qualified professionals.


No.8 Strength Training with Free Weights

Strength training involves kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls. This mode of training focuses on the proper exercise form and technique. Once form and technique are correct, increased resistance and new exercises will be added to build progressively.

Exxentric for Senior Citizens

No.9 Fitness Programs for Older Adults

Trending in the top 10, we can’t emphasize enough how important fitness are to the baby boomers and older generations. Fitness clubs could benefit from this growing market, as the baby boomers age into retirement. Many certified health and fitness professionals are creating suitable fitness programs to keep the older adults healthy and active.

No.10 Personal Training

With the growing accessibility to online, fitness and health clubs, home and workpalce that provides fitness facilities, personal training continues to be a strong trend in the fitness industry. Personal training includes fitness testing and goal settings with the trainer, to allow trainer to provide specific workouts to meet the goals and needs of their client.

With this 2021 top 10 fitness trends, we wish the best for all fitness facilities, trainers and exercisers as we move into 2021. Let’s stay safe and healthy together!