Ten Local Fitness Trends to Adopt this 2022

The fitness scene had a booming year in 2021, with credits going to the seemingly never-ending pandemic, which contributed to the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts. As we grapple with pandemic fatigue, many take to exercising to maintain their physical health and mental wellness. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the fitness scene looks set to reach new heights this year.

Whether you are a newbie or a die-hard fitness fanatic, we’ve picked out 10 local fitness trends you might want to try in 2022.


1. Outdoor Activities

As work-from-home arrangements continued for most parts of 2021, it is natural to get an innate desire to head outdoors to burn some pent up energy after staying home and staring at screens for most parts of the day.

2021 shows a continued upward trend in small group cycling, group hikes and jogging as the pandemic lingered. It’s hard to resist the pull of fresh air and nature, the thrill of exploring new routes, all these while getting a decent workout in the process!

Precor Home

2. Home Exercise Gyms

Even as more are exercising outdoors, there are also a significant proportion of people who choose to stay home to work out instead. With exercise equipment being increasingly accessible and affordable, coupled with the abundance of fitness apps and online workout classes, it is easy to achieve a decent workout in the confines of your own home.

Fitness Smart Watch

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been one of the top trends for the past few years. It is now the norm to find fitness functions like activity trackers and heart rate monitors incorporated in smart watches. More sophisticated fitness wearables boosts functions like tracking blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate while you train. Wearable technology has revolutionized the fitness industry, allowing users to track and better customize their exercise regimes according to their body needs.


4. Mobile Exercise Apps

Not sure how to plan your daily workout or getting bored of your usual workout regime? Harness the trove of exercise apps available online to freshen things up. Ranging from free to paid, these apps offer a whole myriad of activities and customizable workouts for you to take your pick.

Couple Workout

5. Online Live and On-Demand Exercise Classes

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 situation and the volatility it presents, fitness classes have taken to offering online live and on-demand exercise classes. These classes appeal to the time-squeezed individuals or those who prefer to work out with the peace of mind without worrying about the hygiene and sanitization standards of the gym.

Group Workout

6. High Intensity Workout Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Workout Training (HIIT) is known for being fast and furious, and is ideal for those who are looking for a full body, cardio intensive workout and massive calories burn. Group HIIT classes have been a hit in recent years, with its appeal of being part of a like-minded community and feeding off the high-energy dynamics as they power through and push against body and mental limits to meet their goals.

Spinning Classes

7. Spin Classes

If you are looking for something more exciting other than cycling outdoors or pushing through a HIIT workout, a spin class might be what you are looking for. Unlike a typical gym session, spin classes are known for the adrenalin rush, high-energy group dynamics while cycling in a club-like environment with upbeat dance and pop music. These sessions are cardio intensive yet low impact, offering a full body workout while you get a great dose of fun.

Group Classes

8. Boutique Studios

2021 saw an increase in the number of gym users who prioritise sanitization, hygiene and social distancing measures during their workouts, with many opting for small boutique studios instead of big fitness chains. Most of these boutique studios offer a more personalized training experience, helping you to tailor your workout programme to meet your fitness goals.

Personal Training

9. Personal Training

As the saying goes, we are unique individuals. So are our bodies and fitness needs. Achieve your goals; be it weight-loss, muscle gain or strength-training with a customized fitness programme that is specially designed for you by a personal trainer. Some trainers even help to tailor dietary plan to achieve your goals. In short, it’s about strategic exercise and achieving maximum results.

Sitting at the top of the mountain

10. Health & Wellness

Mindfulness and self-care have taken a strong narrative in the 2021. More than exercising to keep in shape, fitness has been embraced as part of a bigger picture of keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, managing stress and maintaining psychological health.