BP250 is the world’s first sphygmomanometer that displays the analysis results and QR code on the LCD display without printing out the result sheet and lets you use a smartphone or another mobile device to transfer, save, and show data. 

The BP250 can be measured with just one touch function. You can recognize the QR code on the LCD result screen as well as on the result printout.

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BP500 is a light and solid design demonstrating high accuracy with 2 step measurements of customized pressurization. 

BP500 first judges the blood pressures condition of the patient at the phase of pressurization, then a second measurement at the phase of exhaust.

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Impedance body fat meter easy to move with the approximate weight of 10kg. 

The BC310 is a lightweight foldable impedance body fat meter made from a sensational design. Easy to move and install and only takes about 3-5minutes for use. There is a special bag made of plastic that can be moved more safely and easily with a soft cloth-type bag and a travel lanyard and wheels.

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With the development of our basic technology that more accurately measures your bodies data our impedance body fat analyzer can truly analyze body composition. 

The BC360 is a standard impedance body fat analyzer that measures changes in body fat and muscle monitor and identify changes in body composition. Accuniq offers a variety of services for users, such as the unique measurement technology Ultrasonic extensometer, ankle electrode, optional Bluetooth communication with wireless interface.  

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BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute. 

Easy to use, with on-screen step by step instructions and loaded with all the measurement data you will need to fully assess your client’s composition levels. 

On screen results and full-page report shows measurements with healthy ranges for quick assessment.

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BC720 offers all of the features and functions needed for superior diagnosis of body composition including muscle structure and abdominal obesity that led to improved treatment for all body types.

The BC720 is a multi-frequency, whole body and segmental Body Composition Analyzer that utilizes innovation Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to ensure accurate and precise results. This cutting-edge technology utilizes harmless, low-level frequencies to offer quick and easy total body composition assessments through the LCD touch screen, printouts and client tracking software.

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